Project 1

Bacon ipsum dolor amet fatback pork chop bresaola shoulder. Capicola andouille fatback, ribeye sirloin pork chop bacon turducken pig rump biltong pork loin cupim pancetta. Ball tip tenderloin jerky sirloin cow ham hock short ribs shankle flank bacon filet mignon turkey ribeye. Porchetta pancetta pastrami short loin ball tip landjaeger tongue capicola drumstick fatback picanha. Swine hamburger short ribs tri-tip turkey spare ribs rump kielbasa shankle pastrami capicola ball tip corned beef pig meatloaf. Ham hock tenderloin short loin tongue picanha tail pork belly pork sausage boudin alcatra beef capicola bacon.

Pork loin doner shoulder jerky chuck t-bone bacon. Shoulder leberkas ham frankfurter meatball andouille cow turkey doner. Burgdoggen shankle meatloaf

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